"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live." (Auguste Rodin).

Having graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Hereford College of Arts in 2019, I realised that I wanted to continue with my studies and enrolled on the MA course there.

Now, 2 modules in I’m finally updating my website…

The course has been a roller-coaster with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions enforcing a complete change of subject for the very recently completed second module. From an initial decision to continue my work with objects but looking at the end of their useful life, I used the lockdown restrictions as inspiration to explore my immediate surroundings and seek essence in nature instead. Selected work from both modules can be seen in the 2 bespoke galleries.

Now we move on into the 3rd and final module which, assuming we pass, will award us the MA. This will entail a group exhibition and a 7000 word essay...

I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful, like-minded and very talented year group and, for the short time we had it, the use of a fantastic vibrant studio space. Both have been very missed during our enforced mutual isolation, and Teams, while probably the best alternative there is, is no substitute. You never quite get used to relating only to the top halves of people in 2D!

We were very sad to lose 2 members of the group along the way, both hit by circumstances that made it impossible for them to continue but we will stay close and intend to work and exhibit together when the course has finished.

Despite the difficulties, I have learned such a lot, deepened my passion for art both from the practical and research aspects and know that the journey will continue until November submission and beyond.

A big thank you to HCA and our incredibly committed, determined and hard working tutors who between them are not only pulling out all the stops to enable us and the BA graduates to hold two of the very few live graduating exhibitions this year, but have kept us going through the dark and difficult months.